Gender Hierarchy: Another Tale of Women’s Struggles

Even with the leaps and bounds that women’s rights have taken, women still suffer at then hands of men. We are pushed down and ridiculed in society as many of the previously agreed upon social norms try to force their way and once again squeeze them into a box. Be it within social relations in the house, at work, or simply just in general, women

This picture clearly illustrates the differences in life, attitudes, and status of the man and woman involved.

are facing the challenge of age-old misogyny.

As it was before, people look down on those few women with legitimately revolutionary as wild and crazy idealists with no real basis for her arguments. Women are looked at as objects, opinionated and expensive objects, but objects nonetheless. In this day and age, women are referred to in movies, music, art, etc, as things, either stay at home moms, prostitutes, tramps, a “good woman,” the list goes on.

I understand and agree that if a woman wishes to be a homemaker or something of the sort that it is her right to do so and will not reflect poorly on her by any means. What I do have an issue with is people, not always men either, feeling that it is one of the limited things that women are good for. This is an issue that I believe will take a long time to remedy. We’re trying to change the way that a whole world perceives women; it’s a colossal task, although it will eventually be accomplished. It has to be.

There are a few articles in which this is looked into. There was one in particular which I thought was rather good.

Also here is a link to a video discussing some old “Tips to be a Good Housewife.” It’s rather comical in its absurdity.

Adams, Terr M. and Douglas B. Fuller. July 2006. Vol.36, No.6) “The Words Have Changed But the Ideology Remains the Same: Lyrics in Rap Music” Pp. 939-957 in Journal of Black Studies. Published by Sage Publications, Inc.


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