HEATHCARE!!! Do We Have It? I Think Not!

Okay, I lied. We do have healthcare, it’s just not very efficient. That is why I was struck by the success of other healthcare systems compared to our own, according to Ezra Klein’s “The Health of Nations.” I know that our system lacks some significant things and I was aware that our healthcare system was rather pathetic; however I did not realize the degree to which it lagged behind the other systems in many other Industrial societies. The simple ideas which garner so much advancement in the healthcare astound me. I mean, how is it that so many other countries manage to have healthcare systems so much better than our own? What is it about our society and government that makes it so difficult for us to manage positive change?

I believe that our system has such a difficult time adjusting to the changes in healthcare due to the privatization of the insurance and whole medical system, including the doctors, medicine and procedures. It also seems that our nation is so stuck on ideas of free trade and fear of anything which might be remotely considered socialistic that run away from a reformed healthcare, all the while knowing that something needs to be changed.

           We have the most expensive healthcare system with over $2 trillion dollars spent a year, which is impressive in that we also have a large percentage of our population not ensured. We spend money on medicine which is not all that much more effective than the previously used and cheaper version. We look to help those who are sick, ignoring the preventative measures, and yet our insurance companies seek to only insure the healthy, not the sick. Our system is composed of oddities and conundrums which will one day cripple itself to the degree that it could no longer function.

On further investigation as to the state and possible solutions of our dwindling healthcare system, I came across an article which pointed out some added faults and possible solutions. The statistics in which he mentions is also startling and creates a sense of urgency in his arguments.

All in all, it seems that we cannot continue on like this and that we will need to resort to some sort of change—possibly even moving to a more socialistic one. Whatever or solution will be, let us strive for it to be a good one. There is one good thing about our coming into the realm of healthcare reform after our neighbors; we have the luxury of looking at the pros and cons of the many other systems

Klein, Ezra. 2007. “The Health of Nations” Pp. 17-21 in The American Prospect.


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