Religion: What It Is Composed of and Nothing Else

Religion, it’s one of those topics that you never want to bring up in a conversation because then there is sure to be a rather heated argument. Most people have their own opinions on the subject and most of them are rather strong. In this particular post, I do not plan to discuss the raging ideals between the many different religions, but I don plan on discussing the foundations of al religions as a whole.

First of all, you need to realize that all religions started with a prophet, someone who by some manner, by some

This is a representative of all the different religions in the world. I am aware that not all of them are included here, but I felt that the feeling was rather self-explanatory.

miracle, had direct access to god, or gods, or whatever the omnipotent intelligent being is. They then have laities, those who follow them who originally follow the words of the prophet, but then turn to the watered down version of the priests. The priests are people who come out of the clergy. They take the ideas and teachings of the prophet and turn them into sentiments which are easier to swallow, things which do not stand so starkly against the mainstream culture. These watered down sentiments continue to water themselves down as the religion grows in size. These changes in the basic foundation of the religion probably occurs due to the desire for a larger group to join in on the religion and  a tendency for those in the mainstream to be sincerely opposed to things preaching against it.

While the fine points of the religions may be different they all also have four major parts top their theology. These parts are cosmology, eschatology, salvation, and theodicy. A cosmology is an account or theory as to what the origins of the earth are. Eschatology is the part of theology concerned with what will happen to man after he is long gone. Salvation is usually a deliverance from sin and its consequences, although what you have to do in order to gain this deliverance is different for a lot of religions. And finally, theodicy is a story as to why there is evil in the world; this idea is why so many believe that evil is a necessary evil.


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