Wait a Second—I Should Look Like What??

The extent to which this man has altered his physical appearance in an attempt to look more and more like a tiger--does this go beyond the acceptable limits? Or is it merely an expression of his own personal beliefs?

Society has come up with a norm, a norm which it wishes to enforce on all of us and everyone. Society and the media has come together to form what they view as beautiful, at least that is how it is in our culture, I am sure that beauty is determined by other such factors in other societies. And in such, beauty is a conforming property. But where do we draw the line? Where do we say enough is enough and decide that we are fine the way we are, no matter what that means in relation to others’ view of beauty? And is there a point at which we can say someone has gone too far?

We live in a postmodern society and in such the extent to which we feel the right to say no to what one wishes to do to their own body is limited. All that we feel the right to do, and even that right is small, is discuss it, to look at it with all its pros and cons and decide what to do with it.

What do you do when someone has gone so far with plastic surgery that they are no longer themselves? What do you do when someone feels the need to remove body parts in order to accomplish their own personal beautification or to fulfill some sort of personal belief? It is by definition personal, so what do we do?

Within reason, I believe that it is perfectly fine to let them be. Or even when it is in extreme excess, so long as they are not harming others or themselves too greatly. We are our own persons and, I guess, by that logic no one should be able to dictate what it is that we should look like. That very sentiment alone is rather ironic, in that it is typically other’s perceptions that dictate what it is we want to look like. As Mr. Ratchet said in Robots, “Why be you, when you can be new?”

There is so much pain involved in the process of changing who you are--is it really worth it?


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